History of Lake Charles Retreat

Lake Charles Retreat, as it is now known, was the creation of Charles Closter. He purchased the property in 1978. In his spare time as an earth moving contractor, he would work at his property. His decision was to build a small dam and after many years of enlarging the dam, it came to be the lake it is today.

In 1982, Charles started construction on the house at the waters edge.

After completion, the property became his private weekend retreat. After his untimely death in 1990, the property was passed down within the Closter family. The property now run by David and Michelle Closter, and is now known as Lake Charles Retreat, named after Charles Closter himself.

Charles’ goal was to have a place to relax and unwind in total privacy. The Closter family now offer you this privilege to enjoy for yourself first hand. Your stay at Lake Charles Retreat is warmly welcomed and after a hard days work as Charles would say, it’s the perfect place to be.
Charles Closter